Preserving Memories,

One QR At a Time

Our platform helps combine a physical memorial with a digital profile, allowing your legacy and fondest memories live on.

Stories That Live On

My QR Legacy

My QR Legacy has created a digital memorial platform that will allow people to cherish memories with their loved ones. You can attach your bespoke QR code to either your deceased relative’s gravestone or a memorial bench or tree. Each time you visit, you can scan the barcode to reveal pictures, videos and information about the life your loved one lived before they passed away you can also start your own QR Legacy before your time so you can leave messages and advice to family and friends it doesn’t have to be just for the deceased.

Anyone can access those special memories if your account is set to public. You also have the option to create a private account if you wish to.


Membership Plan

Lifetime Membership

£ 99
One-Off Payment
  • Unlimited Photo & Video Uploads
  • Tailored My QR Legacy Experience
  • Full Access to My QR Legacy Profile
  • Priority Assistance for Members
  • Savings On Replacement My QR Legacy
  • Choose from 13 different plaque designs
  • Feature: My Story
  • Feature: Timeline
  • Feature: Activity Wall
  • Feature:Tribute Book
  • Feature:Gifts
  • Feature:Scheduled Messages
  • Feature:GPS Location
  • Feature:Social Media Links
  • Feature:Private Mode

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