How it works

Step One

Choose the shape and colour of the memorial plaque you want us to customise and make for you.

You can make it special by adding a meaningful tagline and their favoured name. This ensures your My QR Legacy plaque is in keeping with your loved ones’ memory and legacy.

Once complete, add it to your basket and checkout.

Step Two

Once you’ve completed the checkout, you can begin to populate your profile.

Build a lasting legacy by populating your My QR Legacy profile with your fondest memories, favourite photos, videos, and even meaningful stories + much more.

Step Three

Once we’ve received your order, we will lovingly craft your bespoke plaque and securely post it ASAP.

That’s it, you’ve then got a digital profile that honours your loved one’s legacy. You can share it with family, friends and those who matter most; to let their legacy live on.